On the journey to achieve our mission, there will be many products to develop. Before that, we need to prepare our web portal where all of the initial magic will happen.

Q3 2022

nftown shares

  • Public mint started

nftown places

  • Total to 1000.

  • All background development done.

  • Partnerships formed, for individual marketplaces.

nftown shares + nftown places

  • Governance platform released.

New nftown products announced.

Q4 2022

nftown places

  • All landlords appointed.

  • First NFTs on marketplaces sold.

New nftown products announced.

Q1+2 2023

nftown shares

  • All 10.000 shares minted.

nftown places

  • First live events at nftown places.

New nftown products announced and released.

Q3+4 2023

  • 100k nftown users

  • nftown places became profitable.

  • 2000 people - a strong team hired!


  • Total of 50 nftown products released.

  • 1M nftown users


  • nftown partnered with over 1000 companies to bring NFTs mainstream.

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