NFT standards

NFTs have the possibility to be the standard for many things

We are thinking about NFTs everywhere we go. For us it is all about utilization. The possibilities are already there, but it is important to start from the right end.

NFTs have the possibility to be the standard for:

Art industry

  • Generative art

  • AI generated art

  • NFT galleries and museums

  • Royalty for artists

  • Transparent curation

Event tickets

  • Concerts

  • Festivals

  • Community events

  • Cinemas

  • Clubs


  • Tool against counterfeits

Digital twins of real objects

  • Collector's items

  • Metaverse assets

Memberships and subscriptions

  • Service subscriptions

  • Interest group/Club memberships

Music industry

  • Records

  • Registered labels

  • Royalty for artists

  • Concert tickets

  • Merchandise

CVs/Resumes with confirmed work experience

World wide collaboration

Discovery of new art and sports talents

Building communities

Service and warranty books

Player-owned digital assets in games

Discount vouchers

Loyalty rewards

Tokenized real estate

Tokenized joint-stock companies

Collateral custody

Letter of guarantee

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