How will it all work

nftown share NFT

The nftown share NFT will start with a free mint and will be limited only to selected NFT pioneers. After that it will be made available to the public for sale for a starting price that will increase over time as the supply diminishes.

Do you want to participate in the sale? Contact us and we will get back to you!

Are you already allowlisted? Be sure to check you have correct smart contract address

nftown share smart contract addresss: 0xD48b4077d83E5d78bC1B31764e58aB50cc8F1920

nftown places NFT

The nftown places NFT will start with a free mint for 5 people for every place. First 5 approved people that will send us Proof-of-Place video of that place with its associated code visible in it will receive a free mint of 2 NFTs of that place. You can send a friend there and share with him 50/50. We want to encourage that.

nftown places smart contract address: 0xA38b4687566fdbf014cAD8be1a5522b11Fa0009e

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