Action plan

Q3 2022

nftown shares

  • Public mint starts.

  • Secondary floor price up to mint price.

nftown places

  • Total to 1000.

  • First 333 places on website (July).

  • Infopage released (July).

  • Next 666 places (August).

  • All 1000 places (September).

  • For each new marketplace find 5 landlords, then get them connected and work on building the marketplace from the tools provided.

  • All background development done.

  • Pages for every nftown place (August).

  • Governance update release (September).

Next steps

nftown places

  • Partnerships formed, for individual marketplaces.

nftown shares and nftown places

  • Governance platform released.

  • Beta version release in August

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