nftown share NFT

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To kick things off we will hold an NFT sale for our NFT collection. This collection serves firstly to find seasoned NFT users that would like to take on the role of nftown shareholder and partial product owner. Secondly, it will be used for community voting on future product features.

  • 10000 pieces of nftown share NFTs (100 will be reserved for the team and possible promotions)

  • ERC-721 standard

  • mint price - free mint for allow-listed individuals

    • sale price will gradually rise as the supply left diminishes

    • starting sale price 1 ETH

  • free mint for allow-listed individuals

  • royalty from sales 10%

  • holders will have direct impact on nftown roadmap

This will be our top tier NFT bundling together sort of everything that nftown does or will do. That means that even the impact of nftown share holders will be more high level. For example, holders of places NFT (landlords) will have more direct impact on their place but less impact on places as a whole.

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