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We are opening 1,000 web3 community centers around the world

When people talk about web3, they most often talk about community. At nftown, we've decided to go against this and gradually aim to open 1,000 community centers around the world. We've already started this, and early feedback is that people appreciate the chance to develop a crypto-community right where they live.

How are we going about it? Through our new product - places. These are NFTs that we've tied to the most famous landmarks from around the world.

There are only a few hundred of these places in the world - that's why places will be limited in number. Moreover, each place can have only up to 10 holders.

Every landlord that claims a place will get 2 NFTs. That means there will be 5 landlords for every place at first. He can hold both, or he can engage someone else and give one of his NFTs to them.

But beware. To get an NFT tied to one of the places, you can't go from the other side of the world - you have to physically arrive at the place and do a Proof of Place, i.e. film the place and show the unique code on the camera at the same time.

We want to open up to 1000 locations to local communities in a short time.

What next? We will encourage newly established community centers to use their places as a web3 gallery, for example, where they can curate and discover and feature local artists who might not otherwise get a chance to show. Or they can create an escape game in unique places, perhaps in conjunction with augmented reality developers. They can also network with other community centers around the planet or with other NFT projects, arranging interesting collaborations to help onboard new people to the crypto and web3 world.

In short, the possibilities are many - the field for imagination and creativity is wide open. The main thing is that the goal of nftown is not to prescribe to landlords what they should do with their places.

The goal is to empower the community to do whatever they want, and to give them the tools they need to do it.

"We like the view of Chris Dixon, who said that if the metaverse were to be made by Facebook, there would be an amusement park. When you have a limited team, you have limited options. Sure, an amusement park is fine for a day. But no one would want to live in one. But if thousands of people, each with a different experience, form a metaverse, they'll be creative enough to create a city together. And people already want to live in a city," says Radek Sukala, one of the founders of nftown.

Our goal with nftown places is to create a viable ecosystem. We don't know what people will do for fun, what content they will produce - we want to give them the blocks to build something out of when they figure it out.

The people who have acquired the places that have been released so far have already shown that they want to be involved in building local community hubs for web3. They want to hold their NFTs and participate in something bigger than mere crypto asset speculation. They enjoy the fact that the project is innovative, that it is different, that it involves physical locations.

And it's not just about landmarks - nftown seeks to connect each local community with a real business in the area to serve as a haven for cryptocurrency. Not just for nftown's NFT holders, but for other cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well.

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