nftown is community of like minded people

Join us on our mission to bring NFTs to the people, rebuild trust with the disappointed pioneers of NFTs, and create utilities for NFTs in our everyday life without the need for complicated management of multiple wallets with pre-deposited funds.

A mission to create an ecosystem where new and innovative ideas can thrive.

A platform where you don’t need to be a programmer to be a digital content creator.

A community where we support and encourage each other in the pursuit of something bigger and greater than any sole individual could achieve.

We want to bring NFTs into every phone. And you can join us. Let’s find new uses and applications for NFTs together!

Company for web3 reinvented nftown is the first company owned by NFT shareholders. They govern the company and claim quarterly dividends from the profit made by nftown products.

Your contribution

For the first time, you as a holder will directly contribute to the company's everyday operations - product roadmap, decision making, voting, and access to team members.

Now we are opening our door to NFT community. How to launch the most innovative company in web3? How do you imagine a fair launch? Not like IPO in which the public eats last? We think that it is a FREE mint. That's why we are giving away spots for the first 1000 shares for FREE.

Our first and most important product and the invention is a Company for web3. We have already invested in the first team of professionals. The team will expand continuously.

Our upcoming products will bring NFT technology to real life. Infrastructure for NFTs as a ticket, certificate, lock to a door, or anything you can imagine.

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