nftown products

What will be our products?

We have secured initial funding. We will start with the product nftown share, but we plan to create more teams. These teams will be responsible for developing the product in cooperation with our share NFT holders. As we grow, we will be able to manage several teams simultaneously and start working on several products at the same time.

Our current and upcoming projects are as follow:

nftown share

Our main and OG product, the nftown shares are the single most important part of the nftown ecosystem.

governance platform

The governance platform is currently under development to give the nftown shareholders a platform to meet, vote on projects, and much more.

nftown places

nftown places are 1000 hubs with localized marketplaces all around the globe controlled and built by the community! Currently some of the places are claimed but we are still developing the future marketplaces technology heavily working with AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

nftown unrevealed project 1

You, as an NFT adopter, don't have a way to show off your full record of NFT history to the community!

nftown unrevealed project 2

Do you like investing? And don’t want to put in $10k to start with? We got you!

nftown unrevealed project 3

Are you on Web3 to make money without investing money first or do you just like to earn a bit here and there! You will like this!

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